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PsuedeO Records
Yellow No. 5

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Review Exchange Submission by CMH from PsuedeO Records:
Mountain starts off with a monster guitar tone reminiscient of C.O.C. The influences of Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Sabbath are definitely felt and heard here. Welcome back, ROCK. Good vocals, actual singing is perhaps making a comeback! Harmonies on the chorus also help sink the "hook" just a little deeper, drawing the listener in. Good production, also. Keep up the good work, keep listening to the founding fathers and take it to another level.
e-mail: PsuedeO Records or visit: Crushed Velvet Jones

Review Exchange Submission by Independent Band - Jeez:
Very nice. Excellent vocals with intelligent lyrics over a very substantial mix. A little lacking overall in hi-mids for my liking, but fitting none the less. The guitar solo seemed a little a-tonal, as though the notes were picked intentionally outside the key signature. Good playing overall, and a great snare drum sound, although I would expect the kick to be more fundamentally predominant for the type of song. Unexpected ending; after the second listen I liked it. I'd buy the album!
e-mail: James Albert or visit: Jeez

Review Exchange Submission by Independent Band - Pop Bubblegum Trash:
i feel like i'm back in 1994... not that that is a bad thing... i have always been a fan of the crunchiness and honesty of grunge, the dirtiness of it which was polished and ruined by corporations seeking to cash in... you guys have a real nice feel... a solid rhythm section that backs up the guitars and the vocals (which are some of the finer vocals i've heard from a band doing your sort of music, in a while) real nice SINGING... something you don't find as often as you should on MP3.Com... does tend to drone on in places (notably around 2:30) but it picks back up for the chorus which is really catchy... nice groove... nice and edgy and dirty just the way i like it.
e-mail: E. Christopher Clark or visit: Pop Bubblegum Trash
Review Exchange Submission by Independent Band - Yellow No. 5:
Very polished recording. The mix was excellent. The song had a blues feel, though not a traditional blues song with the heavy guitars. Nice backing vocal lines on the chorus, they added some dimension to the song. The lead guitar also provided a vocal-line type feel, not overplayed, but enough to have a positive impact. The intro, prior to the distorted guitars coming in was a plus. The only negative I heard was in the lead vocal lines during the verse. They were a bit hard to understand at times, with the words not being enunciated clearly. This may be a combination of the bass heavy vocals, the recording technique used, and/or the singerís style. They we much more clear when the chorus came around and the vocal line move up in pitch. This was not a big drawback, just something to take away from this review as an area to improve.
e-mail: Jason Cooper or visit: Yellow No. 5
Review Exchange Submission by Independent Band - EGM:
Finally, somebody writing tunes that have some kind of melodic structure. Most of the stuff I hear is, some kids that know a couple chords trying to make a band. I appreciate the fact that you are creating music that sounds like it was written by musicians. The mix was pretty good and nice backing vocals. I am a big fan of the "keep it simple stupid" but sometimes you got to break it up. Be careful not to sound too much like other bands. . . very close to Creed, strive to sound like yourself. Bass was good and tight with the drums!! Still sounds pretty good, I'd jam with you....
e-mail: not available or visit: not available

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